Hi, I’m  Ebony.

Women’s Health,
BHSc Clinical Nutritionist.

I’m a degree qualified clinical nutritionist who is passionate in supporting women to achieve their best health. In clinical practice, I educate my female clients so they feel empowered to take back control of their health and balance their hormones, reset their metabolism, and transform their health and body without feeling deprived, so they can have more energy, mental clarity, easier periods, or shift unexplained weight gain that won’t seem to budge no matter what you try! 

My health journey so far…

My passion for women’s health comes from my own journey of struggling with hormonal imbalances, missing periods, gut issues, sleeplessness – basically living in a very stressed out body, both mentally and physically! 

Before I was a clinical nutritionist, I was a personal trainer and competed in fitness competitions. While I thought painting an incredibly lean physique all year round was what I had to do to attract my clients, it led me to losing my period, struggling with getting to sleep and staying asleep, feeling exhausted all the time, moods swinging constantly and zero libido. Finally a PCOS diagnosis and told my chance to fall pregnant naturally one day would be highly unlikely.

On the outside I looked lean, fit and healthy, but on the inside I was a hormonal mess!

While my PT clients in their 20’s were achieving some amazing body transformations, some of the women in their 30’s and 40’s often struggled to achieve their desired results. I wanted to understand why.

It was during my studies that I learned about the impact of our biochemistry, our emotional health, and how the foods we eat impacts our ability to improve our health. 

And it was implementing what I learned, that I fell pregnant and had our boy!

You may have been taught to accept the changes that can happen to our body as part of the natural ageing process, or being a woman, or becoming a mother. However you don’t have to choose to accept symptoms of hormonal imbalance as being a part of your life forever! 

In clinical practice I use the power of real whole foods, personalised nutritional supplementation, sleep support, emotional wellness, and movementto permanently transform my clients’ health!

If you would like my help in indentifying what is driving your symptoms then I invite you to learn more about what I offer my clients. 

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